The Top 5 House Styles in St. Louis

As the Gateway to the West, St. Louis has experienced plenty of change since its birth in 1764. This is especially evident as you take a leisurely drive around the city and view the homes that dot the neighborhoods. From the humble bungalow to the ever-impressive Victorian, our fair city is home to several styles of architecture. Here are the top 5 house styles that can be found around St. Louis:

The Bungalow

Cozy, charming, and on the smaller side, the bungalow is quite popular in St. Louis. Also known as the cottage, these types of homes can be found throughout St. Charles, St. Peters, and O’Fallon, Missouri. Once found in rural regions, bungalows grew so greatly in popularity that Sears had sold ready-made kits to homebuyers through their catalogs. Bungalows are typically made of stone and feature a curved entryway and beautiful curb appeal.

The Craftsman

Head down to the Skinker, DeBaliviere, Chesterfield, Wildwood, or Kirkwood neighborhoods and take note of the residential architecture. You’ll probably see quite a few Craftsman homes, a timeless type of style. Built during the Arts and Crafts Movement in the 1920s, Craftsman homes are typically on the larger size and feature 3 to 6 bedrooms and a basement. You can tell you’re looking at a Craftsman when you see an angular roof, overhanging eaves, custom woodwork, and a covered front porch.


As the city became overcrowded in the 1930s, people spread out and started building ranch homes in the suburbs. Styled after rural Western ranches, this architecture is an American classic with its low rooflines and open floor plans. Ranch homes are usually single-story or split-level and feature large windows and the ever-popular attached garage. You can find them throughout several neighborhoods in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties.

Tudor Revival

If you want a home with character, a Tudor revival might be what you’re looking for. Originating from England, this architecture style is nothing short of unique with its steep-pitched and gable roofs, ornate entryways, and welcoming bay windows. Tudor revival homes typically feature a mixture of yellow and brown brick, terracotta roof tiles with chimneys, and a cozy fireplace to snuggle beside in the winter. Visit the Northampton neighborhood or the St. Louis Hills to see these beautiful homes for yourself!


Who can resist the charm of the Victorian? These stunning homes are often bright and feature highly detailed trim work, wraparound porches, and a basement or cellar. Standing tall with 2 to 3 floors, the Victorian will make you feel like you’re living out your very own fairytale. You can find some gorgeous Victorian homes in the historic neighborhoods of the city and also in the Shaw, Tower Grove, Kirkwood, Compton Heights, and Soulard neighborhoods.

No matter why type of home you want to live in, you can find your dream home here in St. Louis. Your friends at BHHS Select Properties can help! Contact us today to get started.

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